Chrome-R Detachable Goggle Hood Overshirt

 389,95 incl. BTW


This overshirt features a classic collar, full zip fastening with a partial flap component, and secure utility compartments at the chest. Complete with the C.P. Company Lens detail at the sleeve pocket. Crafted in Chrome-R, a fully recycled version of our foundation woven multifilament nylon, offering a near impermeable barrier against water and wind with a sustainable construction. Developed exclusively for garment dyeing, Chrome-R resists the pigmenting process, which generates lighter and more vibrant tones in the finished garment.

– Recycled Fabric
– Classic Collar
– Full Zip Fastening
– Secure Chest Compartments
– Lens Detail Sleeve Pocket
– Weather-Resistant
– Garment Dyed

Artikelnummer: 2900001556040